FI Horror Recaps Number 46 Wez Craven’s New Nightmare

This movie was great! It’s about the actor of Nancy (from the first movie) playing herself and being haunted by Freddy. And his son gets procesed by Freddy it’s pretty crazy. Wes Craven (the director of the first movie) is making a new script and it’s because he’s having nightmares and the scripts writes itself with out Wes even touching a key of his computer! It’s one of the best Nightmare On Elm Street movies. The storyline is so good because it’s way longer than the other ones so it has more time to tell a great spooky story. And this is the scariest freddy movie by far! I actually was kind of scared (ONLY KIND OF!). There’s not many bad things for me to mention but I’ll have a go

The movie goes a tiny bit slow (but only a tiny bit so who cares?)

And Freddy isn’t really in it until the 3rd act (But so many things go on before hand so that wasn’t to bad)

this is a solid 8 out of 10

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