FI Horror Recaps Number 47 Fear Street Part One: 1994

If you didn’t already know there is a 3-parter horror series on Netflix that is based on RL Stine books. Last night I started it and this is a good movie. It had good jumpscares, good kills, good villians. Good storyline even tho it was quite convusing. The teenagers are smart for once in a horror movie! Usually they are just getting a spare through there hear and dying. This movie ripped of 3 really popular horror movies. Scream (they completley copied the villian)

And Friday The 13th (they stole the look from part 2)

And A Nightmare On Elm Street

Like come on!

Fear street

Elm Street

not very diffrent eh

But I’m not hating on this movie it’s good. It’s a solid 7 out of 10

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