FI Horror Recaps Number 48 Fear Street: Part Two 1978

First of all since this is my 48th horror movie I thought you might want to see me review diffrent movies.. Like comedy or action. Well maybe sometimes on my website but not usually but here is my letterboxed account where you can see ALL the movies I’ve been watching (not just horror) So ages ago I made a post with the link so here is the link to that post

So this movie was weird cuz the first 40 minutes sucked then it was awesome then it got bad. Then it got bad. Then it gets good again and you think it’s gonna stay good but no! Then it sucks again. So part 1 is deffenitly better. This movie had good gore. And I like how it acts like a 1978 horror movie. Killer at a camp killing teenagers…

So this movie was not bad. But not good. It was in between-

And it’s quite confusing and just a bit weird. People bully each other thinking there procesed and things just get disterbing.

For like the first time I’m not giving this a rating out of 10. The reason being is because I would give it a 5 but then I would be being to nice to it. But If I gave it a 4 or a 4.5 I would be being to mean to it but if I had to choose between 5 stars 4 stars or 4.5 stars I would chose 4.5 But I still don’t have an official rating

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