FI Horror Recaps Number 59 Fear Street Part Three: 1666

It’s SOOOOOOOOOOO hard to decide what I rate this movie because it’s pretty much 2 short movies in 1. Like it’s set at 1666 at first and then it goes back to part 1 and 2 which were in 1978 and 1994. And this movie does suck a lot… It’s boring… it’s weird… it’s confusing.. it just all around isn’t a good movie. BUT however when it goes back to part 1 and 2 It’s AMAZING!!!! They get the monsters of shadyside to battle each other and it’s awesome. And in 1666 It has some good moments but I did hate the 1666 setting. It’s the worst of the fear street trilogy BUT if the second part of it was extended and they made it into one movie it might have been the best. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna rate the 1666 story out of 10 and then the second story out of 10. And then I’m gonna add them up and the score will be out of 20 so here we go

1666 gets a 2.5 out of 10. Really lame Really stupid!

and the 3rd act (or second act but I think 3rd act) gets a 7.5 out of 10 so it gets a….

10 out of 20

Half bad half good. Which is acurate. because as I’ve said the first half sucks and then the second half rules

See you in the next post or recap. Also the next movie will be my 60th horror movie and I will watch something pretty popular like Jaws or Creepshow or Shaun Of The Dead.. but It’s not really gonna be a special recap. Just normal. Even tho I hate most of this movie I do think if you are watching the Fear Street series you should give it a watch. Because It’s not terrible as a whole!

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