Cobra Kai Season 1 Recap

season 1:

Episode 1: Ace Degenerate

this is the pilot episode. It’s pretty good but one of the worst of the whole series, but still is really good!

After Daniel LaRusso bet Johnny Laurence in the Karate tournement in 1984 Karate Kid, Johnny is a drunk loser who lives in a small appartment. He cleans up sewage and then gets fired for calling one of the people working there a bitch. Well, he said she was bitching at him, and got fired for that. A new family is moving to the appartment and they are, Miguel Diaz, His mum Carmen, and his Grandma, Yaya. They are spanish. Miguel tries to introduce himself to Johnny but Johnny is not interested. Daniel is doing great with his life, he’s got a wife, and 2 kids, Sam, and Anthony. Sam knows karate and she is a lot more nice than Anthony. Daniel is sells cars and owns the place. It’s called LaRusso audo. Sam is hanging out with her friends, who are the popular girls, and they are driving and Yazmine (one of her friends) hits a car by accident. But it was Johnny’s car. Johnny’s car is now ruined and a guy gets it towed to a car shop but then Johnny relizes he’s gonna have to go to LaRusso Audo. He is annoyed and hopes that Daniel doesnt reconize him when he gets there, but he does. Daniel is nice to Johnny even though they were enemies in high school. Johnny goes to the diary to get some food, but then Miguel Diaz gets beten up, then Johnny tells them to leave him alone and beats them all up! Miguel wants Johnny to teach him Karate, but Johnny says no, but when he sees Daniel LaRusso being so popular he decides he will open his own karate dojo and name it Cobra Kai which is the style of Karate that he was taught when he was a teenager!

Episode 2: Strike First

Life is going great for LaRusso, but one day when he’s driving the car he sees something that shocks him. He sees the new cobra kai dojo! In the dojo, Johnny isnt an amazing teacher because his training methods are dangerous and have nothing to do with karate. But then he eventually he teaches Miguel to punch. Meanwhile Johnny gets a call from the school saying that Johnny’s son, Robby has been skipping school with his friends and taking drugs. Johnny was a terrible dad and Robby lives with his mum who always leaves the house to go to party. School is starting and Miguel makes two new friends, One is Demetri, he is a nerd for superhero movies and so is Miguel’s other friend Eli. Eli is Demetri’s best friend. But Eli has this weird lip and everyone makes fun of it. Sam feels bad for spending more time with her popular friends than her friend Aisha. The popular girls makes fun of Aisha because she’s fat and that’s when Sam relizes there pretty mean. She still hangs out with them and invites them around for a party at her house, so when her parents get home there not to happy. Daniel appologizes for overreacting and offers to have her boyfriend, Kylar come over for dinner while anthony has a sleepover. Kyler was the guy who bet up Miguel. Sam doesnt know he’s mean but Daniel has a feeling about him that he’s not to nice. But then he relizes he’s fine and then Kyler tells Daniel that outside the diary where the Cobra Kai dojo is, an old man bet him up, so then Daniel goes over to the dojo and see Johnny there and says that him and Johnny arent done.

Episode 3: Esqueleto

The halloween dance is coming up and Miguel and his friends dont have dates to go with. Johnny is trying to get more people to come to the dojo. Daniel is now all of a sudden woried about Kyler being a jerk, but Daniel’s wife, Amanda, tells him he’s over thinking it and he’s fine. Miguel is hiding that he’s doing Karate from his mum because she doesnt aprove of violence. Miguel offers Demetri and Eli to come join him at the dojo but they say they dont want to. Miguel wants to learn how to kick but Johnny wont teach him. But then when Miguel proves that he likes rock music and stuff like that he says yes. But his ways of teaching are dangerous! At the dance Miguel goes as a skeleton, Demetri goes as some comic book character. And Eli goes as a docter who fixes lips. Hahaha!

Daniel is there to make sure that Kyler isnt a jerk and then he pops out when he thinks he’s being weird and Sam gets real embarrased and wont talk to her dad anymore. While Kyler is annoyed, he sees Miguel and they call him names and miguel KICKS them. But they all beat him up and then Johnny sees him and he’s on the floor, hurt.

Episode 4: Cobra Kai Never Dies

Johnny takes Miguel to his house and that’s when his Mum finds out about him doing karate. She’s not that angry she mostly just feels sorry. She bans Karate and Johnny is now a loser again. Robby and his friends pretend to work at places so they can steal stuff. But then Robby sees one of the posters of the Cobra Kai dojo and is annoyed because the guy on the poster is his dad. Johhny is so annoyed and hates Daniel so much so he gets some spray paint and draws a dick on his billboard. Sam is still ignoring Daniel, but Daniel is trying his best to get her attention. Daniel is sad and then goes to work and he sees the dick, spray painted on his billboard. Daniel gets the police to try to find the person who did it, while Johnny goes to see his son, but him and his friends are smoking and doing bad things. Johnny tells Miguel he’s closing the dojo for good. Sam finds out that Kyler and his friends are a bunch of jerks and Sam is annoyed. She is going to the movie with kyler but then Sam tells him she’s breaking up with him. Then Miguel convinces his mum to let him train again, and Johnny opens the dojo up again!

Episode 5: Counterbalance

Sam is now talking to her Dad because he was right about Kyler being a jerk. Daniel figured out about Johnny painting a dick on his billboard. So Daniel tries to get some revenge by talking to the Land Lord and got Johnny’s rent doubled! Then Aisha (the fat girl) goes in and says that she wants to be in Cobra Kai. Johnny doesnt want her in because she’s a girl, but then Miguel tell Johnny how she gets bullied and her family is rich. Johnny lets her in, and it turns out she’s deffenitly not as bad as he thought she would be! Sam’s friends (the popular girls) have been ignoring Sam, and she wants to know why. So when she asks her they say because Kyler told them that she thought she was better than him. So now kyler was going around spreading lies about her because she broke up with him. So Sam goes to confront him, and then Miguel comes in a beats the all up! This time Miguel doesnt get beaten up! KYLER AND HIS FRIENDS GET BEATEN UP! Then Robby goes to see Johnny, because he actually thinks he might care about him but then he sees Miguel and Johnny bonding. That annoys him so he goes and gets a job at LaRusso Audo, just so he can piss off his dad. And episode 5 ends there.

Episode 6- Quiver

We see Johnny’s backstory for the first time. We all new his stepdad was rich, but we didnt know he was an asshole until now. Johnny is a kid and he sees the Cobra Kai dojo when it first started led by his old teacher/sensei Kreese, Who was a jerk to him. He goes home and tells his mum that he wants to do Karate but his dad just laughs. Now it’s back to the present day. The dojo has loads of people in because of the fight, and how everyone wants to be like Miguel. Eli and Demetri are there. But Demetri isn’t to open to the idea, and then eventually he calls Johnny a maniac, and Johnny punches him, so then he quits. Johnny goes to hard on the kids and most of them leave. He makes fun of Eli’s lip and says that he needs to change his look so he doesnt look weird. And that was enough for Eli to leave aswell! Robby got the job at LaRusso Audo and is trying to get one of the shirts with his name on it so he can show his dad that it’s official. Robby was originaly just gonna quit so he can annoy his dad, but he actually starts to like Daniel. Sam has now got no friends, because of Kyler. So in science class she’s got no partners and no one volonteres to be her partner. Except for Miguel,who is with Demetri. So Miguel and Sam become friends. Eli returns to the dojo, with a mowhawk. He took Johnny’s advice, made him look more cool. And now his name’s not Eli! ITS HAWK!

Episode 7- All Valley

Eli now has his mohawk and now is called Hawk. He is not a baby anymore, he is stuff, and into learning Cobra Kai karate, but Demetri is just playing video games by himself, being a nerd. Daniel starts teaching Robby, Miyagi Do karate at the dealership by doing his stratergies. But Robby’s friend’s still think he’s doing it just to piss off his dad. So they say the next place there gonna rob is LaRusso Audo. They say that if Robby wont do it then they will beat him up. So he tries to find the code to get in. He finds it but then he doesn’t want to do it. Robby’s friends are annoyed and try punching him. But robby blocks it with KARATE! Then it is an epic fight. Robby is the one down but they leave after they realize the security camera is on. Meanwhile, Miguel asks Sam on a date. Sam says she’s avoiding dating because of the Kyler thing, but Miguel said it could just be fun and it wouldnt be ”a date”. So Sam says yes. Johhny is PISSED off because he tries to enter the cobra kai tournement but someone has banned Cobra Kai from entering Karate tournements. Johhny is going to go over there and try to get in with a meeting. Miguel tells Johhny about his ”date” and says he should take her to Golf ‘N’ Stuff which is where the arcade is and mini golf. Sam and Miguel have a good time and Sam decided that she does wanna start dating again, and now Miguel and Sam are boyfriend and girlfriend. Johnny is at the meeting and then finds out, that it was DANIEL who banned Cobra Kai from entering the tournement, but other people think Cobra Kai should be in the tournement! So… they put it to a vote. Daniel gets annoyed because… COBRA KAI IS IN THE TOURNEMENT! And both Miguel and Johnny are super happy!

Episode 8- Molting

Johnny now starts training them hard for the tournement. He says the need to do better than their best! And then he trains them by vicious dogs chasing them. Daniel’s mum is coming to town and since Daniel is mad at Cobra Kai he tells Sam to stay away from Cobra Kai students. So now she’s upset because she has to hide the fact that she’s dating Miguel from her Dad and her friend Aiasha is in Cobra Kai aswell. Johhny is shocked when he finds out that he is dating Daniel’s daughter so he tells him the whole story from his prespective and it’s pretty diffrent. In this one he thinks that Daniel’s the bully which a lot of people think. I dont know why. Amanda and Daniel’s mum get into big arguments about how they fired Louie. But Louie still wants to help out with the whole Johhny thing. Johnny finds out about Miguel’s dad. He was a bad man and Carmen and miguel flew away from him and came to those apartments. Daniel is still training Robby. And at the end of the episode Louie goes to Johnny’s house with a baseball bat and hit his car with his friends. Jhonny came out and got angry and went on his motorsykle to see Daniel. He was angry

Episode 9- Diffrent But Same

Johnny shows up at Daniel’s house. They are about to fight but Amanda stops it. They find out about Louie ruining his car and Amanda said that Daniel needs to give him a free car from the dealership. He doesnt like that but Amanda makes him. Johnny is ranting and he says that Sam and her friends hit her car. So Amanda goes and asks Sam about it and takes away her screens. Aisha is furious because Yazmine posted a mean comment on her instergram video. So they decide to go to her party and crash it. I fell like that is a little bit to far, just over a mean comment, but meh, Its fun to watch so who cares?

So Miguel is texting Sam over and over again to see if she wants to come to that party, but of course she’s not aloud on her phone. So they get to the party and Miguel gets drunk. Robby comes over to the LaRusso house and Robby finds a way to get Sam out of the house. Robby finds out she has a boyfriend, and he gets jealous but gets over it. Sam says she’s going to the party and then when she gets there Miguel is annoyed because she brought another guy to the party and then Miguel picks a fight with Robby, but he accidently punches Sam. Sam says that cobra kais really are bad and breaks up with Miguel and that makes him upset. Aisha finally gets her revenge on Yazmine and gives her a front-weggie. Then Johnny finds out Daniel is training his son! And Daniel finds out that Robby is Johnny’s son! So Johnny gets angry at Daniel, and Daniel gets angry at Robby and kicks him out.

Episode 10- Mercy

This is the last episode of season 1!

It’s tournement time! Miguel is pissed off, because of the break up. The tournement starts and it’s super fun to watch! Miguel wants to appologize to Sam but she is still mad at him. Which makes Miguel angry in order for him to fight dirty! (if you dont know what fight dirty is it’s basiaclly fighting, but cheating)

Hawk also fights dirty. But guess who else is in the tournement! Robby. Even though Daniel was mad at him, Daniel is voting for Robby to win. Hawk kicks Robby while he’s not looking on his back. So Daniel helps him out and gets a medic. Robby can fight now and it’s the finals. Robby vs Miguel. Miguel fights (but dirty) and tries to hit his injured spot. Johnny is getting upset because there fighting dirty, and against his SON. But they dont know that Robby is his son yet. And MIGUEL WINS!

Johnny is at his dojo when he sees someone walk in his dojo. It’s his old karate teacher, KREESE!

season 1 ends there

season 2 recap coming soon.

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