FI Horror Recaps Number 63 Little Evil

Little Evil is a cool, fun little Netflix film. It’s about this mother and son, and she is single but everytime she gets a boyfriend to be the son’s father, he just kills them. So it’s a comedy horror. In the movie the new dad leaves because the ”little evil” son tried to burry him alive. Then he yells at them both and calls the son names, which is normal, because that kid tried to freaking burry him alive. Then the next day he comes to the house and appologizes for calling him names and offers to take him swimming, but there unaware, the dad tried to drown him by putting sand in his flotation devices. But the son starts showing respect, so the dad decides he needs to save him before it’s to late. Then he finds out the real bad guy, that makes him be this way is his first dad. They find out that he has kidnapped the mother so they have to go to save her in a funny, cool, chase scene. This movie was pretty good.

I’d say it’s a 7 out of 10

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