Stranger Things Season 4, Part One Review.

I love Stranger Things. I think everyone does, right? This new season is soooo popular. Like, if you watch TikTok, you can’t go like 5 tik toks without seeing something about Stranger things. Now, if you want me to review more season, I will! So, I love this season. I think it deserves to be as popular as it is. It probably saved Netflix, because this is not the year for them! My favourite characters this season were Eleven, Max and Eddie. My all time favourite character for Stranger Things is Eleven. I don’t get why people like Chrissy so much. She litterly has like 5 minutes of screen time then dies. Max is very important. And she is the reason Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush is so popular.

I love episode one. It’s sad how Eleven is bullied. Oh, can I just say quickly this is a SPOILER REVIEW! 3, 2, 1! SPOILERS. So it’s really annoying how Eleven loses her power and can’t actually WHIP THE HELL out of her bullies, but then it’s (not trying to sound like a horrible person) satisfying when she hits them in the head with a roller skate. Eddie is great in this season. The story of the whole town thinking he’s the murderer is great. Vecna is so cool. But I think that he’s not very special because he’s a poreman’s freddy krueger. You can tell by looking at them, and the voice is simular. This season is the best by far.

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