Mixed Horror Trilogy.

I got this idea from my dad, in his substack. https://simonsweetman.substack.com/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=reader2?utm_source=%2Fsearch%2Fsounds%2520good&utm_medium=reader2

Basically, you chose the best first movie, second movie and third movie from difrent series. Horror series.

I am going to watch this trilogy sometime! I am going to make a few trilogies, there are too many good films!

Okay, so there are two very good options for movie one. Halloween (1978, duh) and Nightmare On Elm Street. Now, it pains me to do this, but I have to go with Nightmare On Elm Street. It’s very hard though. I love Nightmare On Elm Street so much. It has such a good storyline. Just the whole trying to keep yourself awake is awesome! Freddy is the highlite, my favourite horror antagonist, sorry Chucky, because he’s funny sometimes, and when he kills people it’s not like a stab or two, he’ll do stuff like make them climb the walls or turn inside out, something like that. I love this movie!

Now number two I will have to give it to Friday The 13th number two. It’s nothing super special, I prefer the original, it’s basically the same, Jason doesn’t even have the iconic hockey mask, but it is really good. And, their isn’t TOO many good second movies. I think it deserves the title of best horror sequel. It’s easy to watch also.

(Let me just say I AM MAKING 4 HORROR TRILIGIES! SO keep reading!)

Number three, I hate to give it to Nightmare on Elm Street again but number 3, Dream Warriors has to be in there! It’s got the perfect storyline, perfect kills, perfect music, perfect length! Okay, I am going too far with all the perfects. But, it’s truley amazing! It’s got iconic moments, every kill is so cool! The TV kill, the puppet string with blood is so awesome! Don’t take me as a pychopath who likes to watch people die, it’s a movie!

That was my first trilogy. Okay, so I changed my mind. Number one for this trilogy is Child’s Play, 1988. I have decided to make it not in any order of greatness.

Child’s Play is amazing, being it was one of the first horror movies I ever watched, and probably the first one I watched in this whole conversation. The kills are so good, there isn’t TOO many, but Chucky’s just getting started! It is the best Chucky movie and in my top five horror movies. Top 15 movies of all time. The plot is so amazing, all killer dolls WISH they could be as scary as Chucky. That’s right, get lost Annabell!

Movie two would be Halloween II. I think it has a really good plot, it’s like a video game, you have to escape the hospital because Michael Myers is in it. The music is good, and it makes good suspence when someone’s about to get killed! It has good kills, like the hot-tub one, that was creative! Good jump scares, every Halloween movie has them, and they are always ON POINT!

Movie three, I will go Friday The 13th III. It’s really good. It has a good soundtrack, more disco-type. Jason gets his hockey mask, and the kills are so good. Jason is being more creative this time! It has the best kill in the whole franchice! The one where the man is doing a handstand and Jason kills the man!

Okay, next, Movie one has to be Halloween. I just want to shout out the plot. It’s so original. It basiaclly started slasher movies, and started with an absolute classic! It had good kills. It is actually really creepy, the way he watches you! I think the music makes it super creepy. It pops up everytime something scary happens, and you feel scared when it happens! That may sound awful, but if you like horror movies then it’s AWESOME.

Next, we have Child’s Play 2. It’s a great movie, good music, good kills. I love it. Chucky might be better in this movie than in the first one, even though I like the first one more. It’s really great!

Number three, I want you to choose! You choose number three for this one!

Next one, Scream (1998) get it! It’s such a good movie, I love it so much, the plot is so good. The kills are so good. How they refrence movies is really good, It’s just a really awesome movie, I would watch it anytime! It is so good! SOOOO GOOD!

Number two will have to be Elm Street 2. I like this movie, it’s not amazing, but it’s solid. It’s got an instresting plot, good kills. It’s very diffrent from the first one. I think it’s good though.

Number three will be Child’s Play 3. It’s a good movie, the actual first Chucky movie I saw. It’s got good kills and a good plot and it’s a lot of fun. It’s not as scary as the first two, even though they aren’t that scary (in my opion)

Which trilogy was your favourite?

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