FI Horror Recaps #76: Get Out

Now, I was tired when watching this film… So tired I probably fell asleep for like five minutes in the middle of it once. I was at a party, we watched movies, went on a creepy bushwalk and we got to sleep at like 2AM.

So the next afternoon I watched Get Out, and It’s good. But I didn’t love it. It’s got a good story. It’s awesome that we’re watching a horror movie about RACISM here. This guy makes other horror films, Us which I absolutely LOVE and Nope which I haven’t seen and they are all so original. I mean, I’m pretty sure Nope is original. Nope is original, right?

I mean, highlights of this film is the part where it looks like he kills those two people. The hypnotizing, obviously. I don’t find this movie scary at all, and heaps of it is boring but it is a solid 6.5 out of 10

Good film all round

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