FI Horror Recaps #75: Us

I got the numbers wrong, I’ve seen 75 horror movies. My last post said sixty-four. Sorry!

I love this movie! In my opinion, it’s unlike most horror films because I actually found it scary! Good jumpscares, it was so scary. The soundtrack is so good. The storyline is so original. It’s a beautiful shot film. It’s a modern classic in my eyes! It’s a top 10 horror film and top 20 movies of all time! Now, I know, I’m sounding way to generous, but MY GOD THIS FILM WAS EXCELLENT. Now, It is no way top 5 and it’s probably not top 10, top 15 more like.

Things like The Shinning, OG Scream, Child’s Play, Nightmare On Elm Street, 2017 It are better and better examples of top 10 horror films, but oh my god this movie is sooo awesome. Those red suits. YUCK! It makes you feel uncomfortable, and I love that. A horror movie that makes me scared is incredible because I can easily tell my self ‘Eh! Freddy Krueger’s not real! But I love this movie anyway!’

And I can do that with most films, but this COULD be real. Not the part about them looking like the family, but the part about the red costumes and sneaking in there house. Oh, I won’t spoil it, but the twist at the end is so confusing but awesome. NO ONE could have guest it. Don’t lie that it’s predictable!

9 out of 10

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