FI Horror Recaps #69 Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead (2004) - IMDb

This movie was really funny. The characters are really funny, especially the main two best friends. Simple storyline, people are turning into zombies, and they need to kill them off, and be safe. That’s it. People really like it, and I like it to. I did this in my last recap and I’m gonna do it from now on, Common scence media gave Shaun Of The Dead 4 out of 5, Rotton Tamatoes gave this on the Tomatometer 92% out of a hundred and the audience from Rotten Tomatoes, gave this movie a 93% out of a hundred. So people love it! It’s funny, It’s got some good jumpscares, great kills, I love it when zombies are in there backyard, and they need to kill them with the records, but they only chose the records they don’t like. I think this movie is a 8 out of 10.

FI Horror Recaps #68 When A Stranger Calls (2006 Reboot)

I watched this, and it was so scary but fun. I’ve never watched the original, but I know for shore it won’t be as scary as this one. It’s so sketchy, and at first you just think that someone is pranking her. But near the end, it’s confirmed all those calls where made inside the house she was babysitting. She’s babysitting far away, and the police don’t make it to the very end. It’s a very scary movie, and I had a great time watching it, but for some reason, other people don’t like it! Common Scence Media gives it 2 out of 5, which is pretty darn bad, but Rotten Tamatoes gives it a 9% out of 100%

That’s terrible! I thought this movie was so scary, that it’s the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. You never know what the killer looks like, fully until he gets taken away, and he just looks like a normal dude, and that makes it kind of creepy. How did he get in the house? Why did he want to kill them all? I don’t even know. This movie was an 8 out of 10. I really, really liked it!

FI Horror Recaps #67 Scream 2 (1997)

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Scream 2 was good, I liked it. But it was no where NEAR as good as the original; the first 10 minutes were AMAZING but then it just went slow and it took to long to start getting into it. I was looking forward to the ”rules” of a horror movie sequal, but it went on for like 5 seconds. The kills were almost as good as the first one. The directors, and screenplay writter, could have made it shorter and it could have been one and a half hours and that would have been great, but they didn’t which is annoying. The scene where there in the park and they say Ghostface can see them and then Randy dies, is great but the only amazing scences in this are the first scene, that scene I just mentioned, and the end. So they made it look like the boyfriend was the killer, but he wasn’t. And it wasn’t it was BILLY’S MOTHER! (if for some reason you don’t know who Billy is, he was one of the two killers in the first movie), It’s not super original, because I think they stole the idea from Friday The 13th.

But it was still good. The movie is a 5.5 which is still decent! It has some great parts!