Cobra Kai Season 4 Vs. Stranger Things 4

This was SO HARD. Just saying, which ever loses is still amazing and literally as good.

So how this will work is we will have catagories. Which ever wins gets a point. At the end will be the winner.

Round One: Impact.

Which one is more famous? More iconic? I think it’s obvious. It’s Stranger Things. It’s INSANE how popular this season is. The fact that it’s the most watched season of ANYTHING on Netflix is crazy considering how it’s not even a year old. You can’t go five tik-toks with out seeing it on your FYP.

Round two: Fast-Pace.

Now, this one is a little dificult. I mean, Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 1 gets into straight away but the vecna thing doesn’t. They don’t find out heaps about him for a wee-bit. But, for Cobra Kai, you know the point of Season 4 by the end of season 3 because it ends in a cliffhanger. So, Cobra Kai gets it.

Stranger Things: ONE Cobra Kai: ONE

Round Three: Action.

Now, both of the season’s action is amazing. That scene in cobra kai S4E2 at the roller skate is awesome and the fight is great but it’s basiacly just Karate fighting. Or it IS just Karate fighting. Stranger Things has combat with MONSTERS. Now, Vecna is not as good as people say he is because he is a Freddy Krueger rip-off. But, Vecna is over-powered and he is pretty darn cool! Now, the fighting is awesome in Cobra Kai, but Stranger Things 4 takes the W for this one.

2 to 1.

Next up:

Round Four: Characters

This is hard. But I will tell you straight away the winner. Stranger Things.

Now, I think Miguel, Sam and Hawk and Johnny are all amazing. They are awesome but none of them had there best season. They were still great but it didn’t feel as there. But Stranger Things 4 has Eddie and Eleven. Eddie, the new character is the second best character in the series, behind Eleven. He’s awesome. Everyone likes him.


It was so sad when he died. Eleven also had an amazing season. You feel so bad when she (SPOILERS!)…. gets bullied. At least she shows them who’s boss. But, since she(MORE SPOILERS) didn’t have her telekenesis, she was lucky.

Round Five: More Rewatchable.

So, I think Cobra Kai 4 is more watchable because the episodes are shorter and more fast paced. I think it goes quite quickly and heaps happens. But even though they one it’s

I love them both, but Stranger Things takes the crown.

2022 is a great year for MUSIC and TV

I love what has came out in 2022. Covid ruined HEAPS of good stuff coming out.

Now I’mma start with the music. KENDRICK! The album of this decade. No, forget that! It’s my favourite album. All genres including. And I think HEAPS of rock comes close. Things like Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” come close. Heaps of rap came close. But no, he bet all those legends. Amazing.

I was worried the album would be average and he would ruin his streak of not making all great albums but NOPE! He pulled a 10/10 album. Logic’s “Vinyl Days” came out and it’s EASILY his best album. He doesn’t have many great albums, most are mid, but it even bet Bobby Tarantino II, which is a goated album! And EMINEM’s greatest hits compilation comes out on friday. And obviously lot’s of awesome stuff came out but HEAPS of them and my style to be honest.

Now, movies. They started the year with Scream 5 which is BRILLIANT! Horror movie of this decade. 100%

They had BATMAN! That was awesome. They have some fun child movies like Adams Family 2 and Minions Rise of gru (that rhymed.)

Amazing year for marvel. They had the awesome Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. and Thor: Love and Thunder, both are in my top five marvel movies. I love multiverse story-lines and I believe Multiverse Of Madness is the best marvel movie that’s not Avengers infinity war or Endgame.

I almost gave that to Thor, both are AWESOME.

TV now. Stranger thing 4. DUH! It’s amazing, the best season of anything to excist… tied with Cobra Kai 4. I may even do a post: Stranger things 4 VS. Cobra kai 4.

Stranger things 4 is amazing. But WHYYYYYY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL OFF EDDIE 😭 😭 😭 😭

NO!!! HE’S THE SECOND BEST CHARACTER! THE SECOND BEST! But my favourite is Eleven and she isn’t going to die, she got TELEKENESIS! Also, plot armour.

Never Have I Ever 3 is coming out, it’s a great show. It’s coming out next week. I’m excited. AND NEXT MONTH COBRA KAI 5! That is going to probably end up tied with Stranger Things 5.

Also, there is this show about these video game creators called “Mythic Quest.” It’s a halerious show and I wish that it was a real game. Yeah, season 3 of that drops next month, september. WOW this year RULES!

Movie Reviews #3: Top Gun: Maverick.

Now let me say something controversial. I DON’T LIKE THIS MOVIE. I mean, it’s not garbage, it’s got some awesome moments. Like when they challenge themself with the hellicopters and the punishment is 200 pushups. I love the start. I didn’t see the first top gun. I do think it did a good job. There was no green screen which straight away makes me like it more. Not fake!

I think it deservs the respect.