FI horror recaps number 10 beetle juice (Tim Burton)

Beetlejuice - Wikipedia5.4 out of 10 

I liked this movie. It’s about these two people who die and come back as ghosts. But then they try to scare out the new owners of the house. It’s also stupid in a funny way. It’s so crazy. It’s got a few scares sometimes but it’s not scary. I thought it was really wei rd. But in a good way 

Well people did die. But they came back as ghosts so i’m not going to count it. In Fact if I counted them there would be quite a lot of kills. But sorry I’m not counting them. The weirdest scene is when the rude family is at the table and then they sing day/O. The ghosts make them go all musical. It had really good special effects for a 1988 film (sorry child’s play) I liked how the girl who loves horror can actually see the ghosts and become friends with them. And then when they’re dying she asks beetle juice to help them. But he says only if she mary’s him which is creepy. So she says yes. Well of course in the end they never got married (duh)

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