Fi horror recaps number 9 curse of chucky 2013 (Don Mancini)

Curse of Chucky - Wikipedia7.4 out of 10 

I freakin’ loved this movie. I love how it’s actually really gorey and serious. Nothing is really funny at all (apart from the fact that there’s a flipping processed doll killing people with a pickle in his mouth) the kills were great. This time he’s haunting a 6 year old girl alice. And her mum barb, Her dad ian, and her aunt nica who is in a wheelchair. The one thing that annoyed me with this movie was how unlikeable barb and ian is. Nica is actually a nice character. Even a good character. The scene where you find out she can’t feel blood on her legs then chucky stabbing her leg is brilliant. Well also I loved seeing barb and Ian getting killed. 

My favourite kill is barb. She gets stabbed in her eye. And then the eye falls down the steps!!! My least favourite kill is Alice’s grandma. Chucky kills her off-screen and her body jumps at the camera just before the ending credits. It was a nice jump scare but still pretty lame. 

This was a real horror. And it really got people back into the chucky series. They were shocked after seeing seed of chucky.

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