Fi horror recaps number 12 pet sematary

(mary lambert) 1989 Pet Sematary (1989 film) - Wikipedia4.8 out of 10

Well yeah this movie was okay. It was bad then it was good then it was bad then it was good then it ended. It was also quite sad. About cat’s and dog’s dying and even a cute little baby gets hit by a car and dies. And I thought it was cool how it was intense but still it made me really sad the whole baby dying. And that like 5 year old girl just annoys me. She’s whining about her cat for the whole movie. And the dad has to promise her that their cat won’t die it’s so stupid. But I liked the end battle when the baby came back and was evil. And when the dad poked a syringe and then the baby had watery eyes and yelled NO FAIR NO FAIR NO FAIR that was cute and sad but it also cracked me up. So in a way it was 50% bad and 50% good.

6 people died in the movie. My favourite kill is the old dude that gets sliced in the foot by the BABY! and then the baby bites his neck. Grose, gorey great kill and my least favourite kill is louis he gets killed of screen. 

Thanks for listening to FI horror recaps next one will be either 

Fire Started or Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

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