Fi horror recaps number 12 the shining (stanley kubrick)

1980                                                 10 out of 10 

The Shining (film) - Wikipedia

Man this was an awesome movie. The scariest I’ve seen so far. It’s about a man and his family who go to a hotel. The man goes crazy and tries to kill them. And the boy can hear voices in his head and read people’s minds. Very epic movie. The ending I found really creepy. The two girls were creepy. And also a very awesome scene is the elevator of blood. The music was awesome and freaky.

2 people died in it

The first kill was dick halloran. He gets chopped with an axe

The second kill was Jack, the dad who freezes in the snow while the family makes their getaway.

My favourite kill was dick halloran 

My least favourite kill was jack

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