FI Horror Recaps Number 18: Nightmare On Elm Street

I’m back with another motherfreakin’ horror recap. It’s been so long and I promise there will be more horror recapse I have like 4 to do!

This time it’s Nightmare On Elm Street WHAT A CLASSIC!

By the way I have 2 series on this website O4AWESOME and FI Horror Recaps and if you see the name of the series in the title it’s that series not the other. So this is not O4AWESOME.

Anyway I really enjoyed this movie. I kind of didn’t want to go to sleep afterwards

and it’s so freakin weird how he cuts himself to scare people. And he runs like a 54 year old man.

And the scene where shes in the bathroom in the bath and freddie’s claw comes is so good. I think this is better than some of the Chucky movies

HEY! I said some okay it’s not better than the OG First Chucky movie


5 People died in the movie and they all got killed by freddie

the first kill is where Tina has a dream and she has blood all over her and she climbs the walls all by herself and falls on the floor. And the worst kill is the Mum she just sinks inside the bed (Lame!)
I give this movie a 8 and I’m going to watch the rest of the Freddie Krueger series

next week on Monday I’m gonna do ZombieLand

on thursday I’m gonna do the zombieland sequal ZombieLand Double Tab on sunday I’m doing another!!! Classic horror

Friday The 13th Part 1. Sadly Jason’s not the killer it’s his Mum but I’ll do the other ones another time

so stay tuned for 3! Horror Recaps next week

more to look foward to for other times are

Killer Sofa a movie made in Wellington about a Killer Sofa (duh!)

More Freddie Krueger’s

More Jason’s

and Gremlins…


1 2 Freddie’s coming for you 3 4 better lock your door 5 6 Grab a crucifix 9 10 never sleep again

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