FI Horror Recaps #20 The Mist

The mist is a movie made in 2007 directed by Frank Darabont about a mist (well it’s the title duh!)

Now I have mixed feelings about this movie. It was quite S L O W because they are all just stuck in this shop. But there are loads of good things in it so I give it a 5 out of 10. The good parts are where they face the monsters or demons or aliens or what ever the hell they are. It’s a Stephen King adaptation. It’s in a collection of short stories. So it’s a bit like Stand By Me or The Body which I think I’m gonna do a review of but just not as a horror recap. I know it’s by Stephen King and is about a dead body but come on! This isn’t horror.

There was some good gory scenes. One thing is that this isn’t my 20th horror movie I’ve watched I watched it a wee while ago and forgot to do a recap… I’m sorry. This movie didn’t feel as scary as people say it is. And my favourite scene of the movie is the scene where they go in the shed and this alien sort of octopus graps hold of this dude and kills him. It has excellent gore and scared the crap out of me (not really). So that is my favourite kill of the movie. My least favourite kill isn’t bad it’s just epic. A lady starts having cabin fever and gets all angry and starts going all crazy. And then they all get sick of her and she drives everyone crazy so this dude just shoots her. And then the guy next to him whispers thank you. Hilarious but also dark.

On Thursday I will be back with a horror recap and it’s a movie that starts with an F. It will be ‘good it’s a classic’.

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