FI Horror Recaps Number 21 ZombieLand : DoubleTap

YO! WASSUP! I’m back with a review of zombieland double tap the sequel to the first one. This one is better the first one cuz it had WAY more plot. Usually sequals don’t have that much new Ideas and the first one is better but watching this made me think the first one was running out of ideas.

There are loads of kills in the movie 376 kills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! I looked that up by the way so I didn’t count. I don’t have any least favourites or favourite kills cuz there’s way to many! They name stupid zombies Homers. You know from The Simpsons

This movie is funny and voilent and a tiny bit scary. A tiny bit! Only! And there’s loads of un-funny Elvis Presley jokes in this that failed. If you haven’t seen the zombieland series I recomend you watch them

ok by the way tommorow and Friday I will be doing horror recaps and on Satarday! So I’ve been doing one every single day!

tommorow I will be doing one that starts with F and I’m not telling you what it is! Find out!

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