FI Horror Recaps Number 22 Friday The 13th

this movie is a classic you all know it it’s… FRIDAY THE 13TH

YO! I’m fianally reviewing Friday the 13th the iconic horror! I’m a big horror movie fan and knowing that I only watched this a couple of days ago makes me feel like I’m living under a rock. It starts the film series pretty good. The killer isn’t Jason tho, But getting there. It’s his mother getting revenge for when Jason drowned in the camp ground. I love how this movie doesn’t really have much of a plot but still loads happens. Like the whole story is a bunch of teenagers at a camping ground get killed one by one by an anonymous murderer that you find out at the end. There were loads of good kills. My favourite was the one where the guy gets a knife right through his neck Ouch! Jason’s mum is really creepy. Like they zoom in to her teeth. She’s not scary but she’s scary for a middle aged woman. I think this movie would have been better if they kind of had more action in it. There’s loads of gaps where there are no kills and just teenagers hanging out being stupid idiots. But when there’s action it’s awesome. I give this movie 8.5 out of 10. So a really good movie

I’ve seen part 2 and you will read about it on saturday if you want to… Also next week on Satarday I’m having a horror slumber party and I’m going to the haunted house Fear Factory on Cuba Street. So I will make a review of the experience and at night i’m gonna watch like 3 or 4 horror movies so I’m gonna end up getting screwed by having to do so many recaps we will watch stuff like

freddie kruegers

friday the 13ths


and more so it will be pretty epic. After Part 2 I might be gone for like a week but maybe not. Depends on how many movies I watch and how many Ideas I have for any posts

Peace out

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